Friday, October 21, 2005

How women's lib ruined America

In the annals of asinine writings about what ails America today, Leon R. Kass, Addie Clark Harding Professor in the Committee on Social Thought and The College at the University of Chicago just created a piece for the ages.

"Her menstrual cycle, since puberty a regular reminder of her naturalmaternal destiny, is now anovulatory and directed instead by her willand her medications, serving goals only of pleasure and convenience,enjoyable without apparent risk to personal health and safety. Womanon the pill is thus not only freed from the practical risk ofpregnancy; she has, wittingly or not, begun to redefine the meaning ofher own womanliness. Her sexuality unlinked to procreation, itsexercise no longer needs to be concerned with the character of herpartner and whether he is suitable to be the father and co-rearer ofher yet-to-be-born children. Female sexuality becomes, like male,unlinked to the future."

"Sex education in our elementary and secondary schools is anindependent yet related obstacle to courtship and marriage."


"Decent sex education at home is also compromised, given that mostparents of today's adolescents were themselves happy sexualrevolutionaries. Dad may now be terribly concerned that his daughternot become promiscuous in high school or college, but he probablyremains glad for the sexual favors bestowed on him by numerous coedswhen he was on campus. ""The problem is not woman's desire for meaningful work. It is ratherthe ordering of one's loves. Many women have managed to combine workand family; the difficulty is finally not work but careers, or,rather, careerism. Careerism, now an equal opportunity affliction, issurely no friend to love or marriage; and the careerist character ofhigher education is greater than ever."

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