Saturday, December 24, 2005

The Whiniest QB

Lets add "most whiny QB" to Michael Vick's well earned "most overrated QB" title.

Look at this article the the LA Times:

"Since 2001, Madden has been the top-selling video game in North America. Now, NFL players themselves are showing signs of obsession — some of them complaining directly to John Madden when they thought the game had shortchanged their skill level.

Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick recently complained to the company that he, not Oakland receiver Randy Moss, should be the fastest player in the game."

You know, if you run that well, move to RB and make room for a QB who (a) can throw, (b) get out of the pocket, and (c) have decision making capabilites that are better than a tapeworms. Maybe his head hit the ground a few times too often in the Bears game.

NFL christmas

'Twas the day before Christmas, and for many teams, today will determine playoff dreams. For S.D. and K.C., the G-Men and Skins, it's time to grab much-needed wins. And out in the tundra, the land of Lambaugh, the Bears might even win two times in row.'

Enough of the rhyming. But the interesting ones will be the Colts-Seahawks game, we'll see how many starters Dungy will keep off the field, maybe get a playoff preview, but more importantly, we'll see how Indy dealt with the loss last week.

Given their records so far, the Monday game won't tell how much the Pats are back, but it could be another unfortuante season where they get back in shape just in thenick of time for the playoffs.

And since I am moving to the Bay Area in a week, lets have the 49ers keep loosing so they can draft someone who's at least played football in college.