Monday, May 29, 2006

The other Ft. Bragg

A bit more out there: Not only do they sell Bettie Paige's understuff, someone even reinvented quantum physics in a run down shop front. And he looks like Dr. Emmett Brown.

Seal pics

Look Cat, that's how seals look on the camera we talked about...

And more of the coast: lighthouse, abolone divers, cormorans...

North Coast

A long weekend in Mendocino County. Unbelieveably pretty, but unfortionately, so yuppiefied that Doug Sahm would have to blow his mind morning, noon and night.

I created quite a scene when this ad made me laugh so hard that I spewed my cafe espresso across main street. At least someone is still stoned--I am just not sure if it's the dog or the owners. Even Schlapp is a better guard dog; and he gives Pluto a run for the money.

The only house listing for less than 7 figures. ;)

Standing a mile in the Bay

I didn't know Berkeley had a 3/4 mile fishing pier. Apart from Angel Island, definitely the best view of the city.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006