Sunday, October 16, 2005


Go see this movie, don't believe the critics. I admit, by all conventional measures, this is a bad movie. But it is so over the top and wacky that it is genuinely funny. And I watched the Family Guy movie with some friends before I went to see it.

Scott seems to be channeling Rodriguez and Tarrentino while on an epic acid trip, but I think he made this movie as a huge joke. Why else would he have an Afghan terrorist and pyromanic as a driver, bounty hunters traveling around in a tricked out RV with applique monkey skulls, and an El Mariachi character. Every time we went "He won't dare....", he did. It's brutal, corny and illogical, but never boring.

All the main characters are in on the joke, and most critics didn't get it--except Roger Ebert, of course.

It's not Oscar material, simply because the Academy will never get it, but it was the most fun I had at the movies all year.

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