Thursday, January 17, 2008


I can probably handle a knife as well as most American chefs. But every time I watch Jacques Pepin dice an onion, I just want to kill myself. 

Then I come to my senses and really want to kill Paula Deen.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Joseph. Mallord. William...

Where are you when I need you? After the Schulz museum, I drove to Dillon Beach and saw the weirdest lighting I've ever seen on the coast.

Happiness is a wet puppy

Or something like that. I drove to a sale in Santa Rosa today (didn't buy anything), when I walked out on the store, I googled the place on my iPhone and saw that the Charles M. Schulz museum was only a mile down the road. 
OK, Disney, turn over in your grave, because this is the happiest place one earth. It's fairly small and doesn't show a lot of stuff--maybe 400 strips and CMS' furniture and writing desk. But everyone, myself and people between 15 and 90 included, walked around with a happy grin on their faces. Two things I learned--CMS did the guy with the paper bag in 1953, and one of his early characters looked a lot like Stewie.
Oh and the ice rink is right next door.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

The day I went out to buy a Acura RSX

Didn't quite work out...I came home with a used Rabbit with 8000 miles on it. 

Big Sur

New Years Eve in Monterey with free museums--including the exhibit about a time when the US invaded countries by accident and actually apologized. White rappers, potato funnel cake, and a couple of hours arguing with a Brit barkeeper about why exactly English soccer sucks.

New Years included a leisurely drive past Big Sur and lunch in a t-shirt in unseasonably warm Santa Cruz.

Good Times