Monday, February 11, 2008

Lunch and dinner

I picked up some great boule at Model Bakery in St. Helena on Saturday, so lunch was obviously artichoke cheese sandwiches. Two slices of bread, some Dubliner cheese (I was out of Gruyere) and a few marinated artichokes on one of them. Then into the toaster oven at work for one round of toasting. Slap the pieces together and eat. 

Dinner was a variation on this. I don't like pecans, and accidentally chopped a bit of Italian parsley before I noticed, so my version was with walnuts (roasted in the dry pan before the tofu went in) and a parsley/cilantro mix. Amazingly, the end result didn't taste like tofu or Brussels sprouts, but really really good. Oh, I also used veggie stock instead of salt and added a few grinds of pepper at the end. 

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