Friday, February 08, 2008


I just made the first political donation of my life: a few hundred dollars to Barack Obama. The main reasons were:
  1. As a resident, I finally can.
  2. I don't want Hillary in the White House.
  3. I don't want John McCain in the White House.
  4. I don't want Huckleberry in the White House.
  5. I want the Dem establishment and super delegates to get hit where it hurts.
  6. The only other Dem I'd vote for can't run because of the 22nd Amendment; the only Rep I'd vote for can't run because of article 2, section 1, clause 5. (Go Ah-nuld!)
  7. Getting Obama and a Democratic congress elected will do more for the environment and the disadvantaged than any amount that I can spend on Greenpeace (not the US whackos) or Doctors Without Borders.
  8. I don't want any more people who's (trans)forming political experience was Watergate in the White House.

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