Sunday, May 04, 2008

Never were so many so baked by so much so early

After the farmers market (damn, peas are already almost out of season), cooking a gallon of jam, and putting two slabs of ribs in the oven, I went to the How Weird Faire on Second Street. Since we a living through a cold spell, it was less lively than usual, and some of the more scantily costumed were sporting serious goosebumps, but they had a lot of really good DJs.

As mentioned in the headline, the smell of oregano was permeating the air already at noon and only got stronger by the time the earth shaking beats died down at 5:55. But a grand time was had by all--I think I might still have a second hand buzz.

In any other town, a hard core techno dance-in would probably not be a family event; in the city by the bay it definitely is. And weirdly, 65 year geezers rocking their tie die and Birkies next to neon haired 16 year olds wrapped in aluminum foil doesn't even seem out of place.

P.S. Hand knitted pants seem to be de rigeur amongst the great unwashed this year.

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