Monday, October 22, 2007

Hi, I'm Lars and I love my iPhone

I don't think I am in need to join the IA yet, but the iPhone was the best tech buy this year (closely followed by the flat screen I bought for my birthday).

  • It keeps me from getting bored--web browsing anywhere, any time
  • It's the first gadget ever that had 20 people and counting walk up to ask me about it
  • It got me a table and excellent service at Slanted Door (you have to live in SF to understand how impossible it is to even get a reservation)
  • It makes me not mind going to a restaurant on my own--I can browse the web or do email while I wait
  • Raomi is awesome, especially if you take a date home and open the door to a play list
  • Munitime is awesomer (for the non-SF people, Muni has perfected the random schedule)
  • Being able to check opening hours of a gold mine from a state park is awesomest. 
  • Visual Voicemail is worth the price of admission alone: delete voicemails without having to listen ever
  • It let me leech WiFi of the Australian Federal Police at Sydney International
  • It let me survive the SFO-SYD-SFO flight with 10 episodes of Bones
  • It let me Skype my family from any hotspot in Oz
  • It takes war driving to a whole new level
  • There are these two companies called Linksys and Default that offer free WiFi all over the place
  • It shows me real time traffic on the 80s
  • I can blog from the bleachers--and check all NCAA scores at Pyramid Ale
  • "Hey, do you want to see 2000 vacation pictures?" gets rid of the most obnoxious opposite
  • I only found one place in NorCal where I couldn't get to the web
  • And last but not least, my company picks up the tab
Three wishes
  1. Unlocked SIM (thanks hackers)
  2. 3.5G
  3. GPS

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