Tuesday, October 23, 2007

God my life is boring

I am now rating TV shows. Anyway, the best shows currently on TV are:
  1. Top Gear (see below). The show yesterday really put it over the top. Buy some $1000 cars from Miami drug dealers, write Man Love Rocks on them in pink and drive them through Alabama. -- 25 minutes into the show, the cameramen have to hide Iraq-style when the cars get stoned at a Alabama gas station. Oh, and they get sued by a woman who they donated the Camaro to.
  2. Bizarre Foods. Nice travel show and the only one that made me throw up. Thanks for the live frog and the rank meat breakfast.
  3. Bones. Not as good as last year, but still a hoot.
  4. LA Ink--home of the most stoned and tatted chicks on tube. As well as quality dialog like: "Uh Dude, I was like "Uh Dude"." 
  5. ANTM and Top Chef. I have to rank them together because I can't make it through a full episode of either, but since they are on at the same time, rapid flicking back and forth is highly entertaining. Tyra rulz as bitch from hell.
Two other shows I watch, but only when I happen upon them are Bionic Woman (purely for the involuntary comedic value, although it only misses so-bad-it's-good by a hair) and Weeds (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Marie-Louise Parker, but the writing has really taken a header off a cliff some time last year).

Please FCC, bring a-la-carte cable, I only need 5 channels.

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