Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend of bat shit insanity, Day 2

As I mentioned yesterday, the Folsom Fair (pics)was on. They have cheaper food, better DJs, and much nicer people.
So I rolled out of bed bright and early.....uh, make that creaked out of bed at 11 with a massive hangover (thank you Love Fest after party), took in a quintuple shot cappuchino, and hauled my fully clad ass downtown again. It was a bit more sedate than last year, they downgraded the charity booth from flogging to spanking and fewer people wore really outrageous costumes.
If you're ever in SF on the last weekend in September, go, the people are super nice. I asked one queen where she got her awesome vintage 50s glasses and she even called the store on her cell when she couldn't remember the address.

This guy is the best DJ. He's here every year.

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