Wednesday, April 01, 2009

The fourth estate

I wanted to write a long post about how the newspapers' and press' problems are more because of lack of quality and the fact that instead of reading the local paper now everyone can pick the 3-4 best in the world, but this picture sums the flight from quality better than I ever could. The 20 red cycles are press photographers, the 5 green ones are protesters.

That's not reporting, that's performance art.


punkscience said...

This is an incredible photograph! Have you read Craig Murray's post on the same group of young, violent Asian men you have circled in your picture?


bentham said...

Which of the men is this picture are you claiming is Asian?

charlesdance said...

I ahdn't seen that one. I think the whole thing stinks, and am surprised that the mainstream media have not done the work of picking apart how the attack on the bank was allowed to take place. Three people face jail, essentially because they fell into a carefully orchestrated police trap: