Monday, January 05, 2009

I'm back (in Terminator accent)

Three weeks of bumming around central and northern India ended with a 26 hour train ride (thanks for the 14 hour delay, Indian Railways), three hours of sleep in Delhi, and 24 hours on planes back to the US.

Dirty, utterly alien, and overall awesome is what comes to my lack-of-sleep addled mind. You get so used to it that I didn't notice until I stepped off the plane in Newark that all my belongings (see backpack pick below) REEKED of cheap coal and burned cow patties. Somewhat embarrassing when combined with the slowly abating pseudo-croup from the air pollution. I was worrying the entire flight to SFO that the nice woman in the next seat would call the CDC...

Oh, yeah, it was AWESOME. I'll post more when I've caught up on sleep.


Michelle said...

Oh I love these pictures! I can't wait to read more details about your trip. What kind of camera are you using?

Lars said...

Canon XSi with a 18-200 Sigma lens