Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Australia pics and 35 other thoughts

I put my unedited Australia pictures up on Google. I'll probably comment more on the trip, but here are some random thoughts:
  1. It was awesome. Best vacation ever.
  2. Sydneyans are unbelievably rude by American standards.
  3. Australian rules public transportation boarding is fun. 
  4. The only country I've ever been to where globs of people start off Sunday with a couple of pints (or schooners for that matter).
  5. The NSW police breathalized everyone on a main road at 10.30am on a Tuesday!!!
  6. Pie Floaters make awesome breakfast food.
  7. It's prawns on a barbie fer chrissakes.
  8. Ketchup is called tomatoe sauce.
  9. Aussies put sun dried tomatoes in everything.
  10. Barramundi rocks.
  11. Port Douglas had a $2 beer night in honor of Elvis' death.
  12. Pie Floaters are awesome hangover food.
  13. They ask you if you have a hangover before they let you dive.
  14. Getting into a damp wetsuit in 53 degree/30 knot weather blows the big one. 
  15. You can get sunburn under water if you wear a shorty.
  16. Diving with a hangover can lead to amazing nausea.
  17. Parrotfish poop sand.
  18. Ayers Rock is a huge rock.
  19. Ayers Rock sunsets look better in pictures than life. Even my pictures.
  20. I was there on the last day you were allowed to drink at Ayers Rock.
  21. Alice Springs is in the middle of fracking nowhere. 
  22. Melbourne feels like Canada.
  23. QVM is beyond awesome.
  24. Drinking coffee in the butcher aisle trickles a gag reflex.
  25. One can deep fry meat pies.
  26. Kangaroo doesn't taste like chicken.
  27. Croc does. 
  28. Footy players look unbelievably buff.
  29. Footy fans get unbelievably drunk.
  30. Most drunk Australians are easier to understand than sober ones.
  31. Rugby fans can spend hours explaining the differences between Rugby League rules and Rugby Union rules.
  32. Rugby fans can out drink Footy fans. 
  33. Aussie can end every sentence with "no worries mate" without cracking up.
  34. The South Pacific smells totally different than the North Pacific.
  35. Australian Outback in the winter can be frigging cold.

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