Saturday, December 23, 2006

Five or more...

Great day in the city, but I am shot for today. Before coming up with my New Year's resolutions, I thought I'd take stock to the rhythm of fives (or more). Feel free to add yours.

Five movies you can watch over and over again?

Kill Bill Vol 1
Mary Poppins
Pulp Fiction
My Fair Lady

Five songs you find yourself belting out in your car?

Amazing Grace
Running--No Doubt
Dancing with Myself--Billy Idol
Danny Boy--(just about the only song that makes my cry)
The River--Springsteen

Five favorite vacation spots?

Anaztasi Ruins

Five (or more) favorite roads?

Highway 1 between Santa Cruz and Ft. Bragg
New Zealand Highway 5
CA 4
Alaska 1 (Anchorage -- Homer)
Stilfser Joch
Dear God In Heaven Who Came Up With This Idea??--AKA HI 30 between Kapalua and Waihee
Icefield Highway in January

Five favorite towns?

Chiang Mai
Santa Cruz

Five books you've read more than five times?

Beneath Another Sky--Ridgeway
Exodus--Leon Uris (not since 1990)

Five places you really want to go?

Torres De Paines
All parts of the Himalaya

Five (or more) favorite views

Belize's Barrier Reef
Yosemite from Ohmsted Point
Cliff House in Mesa Verde NP
Waimea Canyon
Muir Beach
Wat Phra That Doi Suthep
Mt Cook

Five (or more) worst meal ever?

Soft shell crab
The fish the first night in Ambergis Caye
Eggs sunny side up in Kamphaeng Phet (not for me, but for the 40 other tourists)
Hash (made from the leftovers of the meat sauce, made from the leftovers of the solyanka, made from the leftovers of the steaks made from the leftover of the rib roast,... do I have to mention it was in Moscow?)
Waaaaay-past-it's-due-date oyster on the Champs Elysees
Bandera Annual Silver Sage Corral Benefit Chili Cookoff
Fried rat in a Shan roadhouse (actually, not bad until I saw the ingredients on the way out--I puked until the next morning)

Five (or more) worst smells?

Tanneries in Marrakech
Farting sea lions at Pier 39
River/sewer/water source/pool in a small town outside Melacca
Feast of St. Anthony (bir sardine cookoff in Lisbon)
The 5 climbers on the bus back from Mt. McKinley
The old Forrest Service latrine at Valdez Glacier (they posted a sign apologizing for the "putrid conditions")

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