Thursday, April 06, 2006

Living on internet time

Even though it was almost eight years old when I joined, the hive was still very much in startup mode. From the ratty futons in the breakroom, over the dress code that could charitably be described as informal, to the odd working hours, and the free Mountain Dew that the web developers used to spike the caffeine content of their coffee.

I remember that I was immensely impressed how my new boss, the web manager and one solitary proofreader kept one of the largest corporate websites of the time working and up to date until I had to stay late enough one night to see that the web group also included a few other people--all of which showed up for their shift after nightfall and left before daybreak. One or two of the pale gaunt or pasty zombies apparently hadn't seen day light in months. After the shifts, they moved back to their basements, BBS, or other internet projects.

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